The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) created by Google and used principally for mobile users on their search engine and on Facebook will maybe on day be on your email.


I said maybe with a big M because many people dislike this new concept.
Introduced during the AMP Conf 2018 it may looks like a proposal from Google but it's not.

Google asked to the community their point of view about the technical specs but seems determinated to release this even if a lot of people seems against the principal.

In my opinion here is the pros:

  • Dynamic content
  • Avoid user to go outside his email client
  • Fast user interaction (like button, survey, form, etc)
  • Email client will not have to handle themselves meta datas like Meetings scheduling, Flight hours, etc

The cons:

  • Owned by Google even if it's Open source, they have the final word
  • What happens if you forward your email (maybe it will not be AMP email anymore)
  • Supported by any other email client other than Gmail?
  • You will have to develop your email in plain text / HTML and AMP
  • Like one of the Google team member said, AMP is "just" a Javascript Framework where emails have some RFC and standard.
  • Google seems to dislike the community reports and start to delete some message from Github thread.
  • No interest for other than promotional email

The points that some people reports and are not right for me:

AMP for email is not secure

If technical specs are right, this is a no sense and that's why we need to participate on it.

The fact that messages are static is precisely the reason why email is "a cornerstone of many consumer and enterprise workflows".

That's true, we should continue to trust email but AMP for email will not makes email less "trustable".

For me, I think this project has nothing to do with the first goal of AMP and it should be a independent project. This is not mobile only feature and is far from making web faster as AMP was dedicated.

Even if in my blog post their is more cons than pros, in my opinion it should be implemented but carefully and well crafted.