I don't talk about personal stuff on this blog but this story in my opinion worse to be publicly exposed.

My ex-girlfriend worked as a web marketer in a little web agency. You know, numbers, graphics, report, traffic, all this kind of stuff and a lot more far away from metrics and dashboard by the way.

From day one, we talked A LOT via different kind of applications, Facebook, Skype, SMS, etc... I saw a new tool months later... Google Data Studio. And I found this idea: Why not create a dashboard with Google data studio to see how much we talk. It could be a small gift to amused her and a fun little project.

We used a lot Skype, and it was not a big problem to export our conversation. At this time, conversation are stored in a SQLite database on computers.

We also used a lot of text and phone calls. That part was not really easy, and as an iPhone user, I used iSkysoft software for phone calls and Itunes backup for text.

Last part was Facebook Messenger and Slack. For the first one I used the archive functionality and for Slack, a little Python script.

With all this kind of datas exporter, I needed to format them and send them into a unique database (I used MySQL) to use them in Google Data Studio.

The result, a dynamic dashboard (her name was removed for obvious privacy reason)