Back to Novembre 2016, AMP started to be a must have for blog and some important marketplace like Ebay.

I was working for a Advertising company and some of our clients were using Prestashop. Unfortunately no AMP module exists so I started to work on it.

Later that day, the module is ready to be used. It's almost 6 am and I started to write some documentation in order to publish it on the Prestashop Marketplace.

At 1 pm I called the director of the agency to talk about selling this module on the marketplace.

After his agreement I finished my writing and went to sleep.

My computer was out of battery and I lost all my documentation in French and English.

I never take the time to finish it, and we only used it for some internal use.

Since then, some module was released by other people but I have now decided to release it for free to the Open source world

It's tested with Prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x but could works with 1.5.x version.

The multi language is now supported but some bug can occurs because this module was not really tested with some specific configuration or multi-store.

Do not hesitate to ask feature or help with a Github issue.

Download link

Prestashop forum post (in English)
Prestashop forum post (in French)